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Mar 23 2016

Hi, and welcome to my website! It’s disastrously overdue, but I have an excuse…I was writing Blind Fall, my second mainstream, and rewriting, and rewriting! Finally it’s turned in, and hoping for a 2016 release.

I hope you’re a history buff – this place is full of it! I’ve always adored history. It was my major at university. I’ve done ancient, modern, European, Aboriginal history – I can’t get enough. My longsuffering husband even calls Scottish historian Neil Oliver my boyfriend! I come running whenever one of his documentaries is on.


I don’t know why I didn’t write historical fiction from the start – I suppose it was insecurity. In any case, for you aspiring writers out there, I can’t recommend writing romance enough. I fell into it when a Sydney-based agent recommended I write a few romance novels. She called it “the best editing discipline in the world” – and she was right. I was so blessed to have 20 novels, novellas and online reads published by Harlequin New York and London. Though I don’t write them now, my books still sell worldwide. I even have manga made from four of my books – my son thought that the coolest thing ever. But my all-time favourites of all those books were my Nighthawks – my spy novels. Sadly the line I wrote for closed, and I hopped the ditch to London. But the longing to write espionage – and historical novels – just wouldn’t go away.

I eventually fell into writing historical fiction when I found a story I had to write – yes, historical espionage! The Nighthawks in history! – and, with a lot of patient guidance by my wonderful agent, Eleanor Jackson, I found my forever home. I feel incredibly blessed to have a home with William Morrow/HarperCollins.

As time goes on, I’ll have more blog posts, articles for writers and history buffs, and other choice nuggets. For now, I’m incredibly excited to be preparing for a fabulous workshop on February 6 in Perth, Western Australia, with the author The Age calls “a remarkable Australian talent”, Natasha Lester.

Hope you’ll keep visiting me here!


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